Digital Farm Mapping

Get a Precision GPS map of the lay of your land 

Using GPS technology, Precision Pastures can produce high-resolution, printable maps of your farm. Our mapping process includes GPS logging all paddock boundaries and sizes, fences, water points, key landmarks, pipes and calculations of arable land percentage.

Purchasing a set of Precision Pastures digital maps is a smart investment in the future efficiency of your farm.  The resulting high quality, accurate farm maps will help you make better decisions when placing fencing, stock yards, lane ways and watering points. You’ll also be able to budget pasture improvements more effectively.

Your map is print ready – or can be shared online with workers and contractors to make sure  everyone starts every job on the same page. 

Start every job with an accurate, GPS-logged map

Make more efficient planning decisions

Budget for actual paddock sizes, not approximations

From consultation to complete in less than one month

Our Process

1. Consultation

After an initial consultation, we will come back to you with a quote and timeline for your approval.

2. Mapping

Precision Pastures will undertake the mapping process on farm, using our GPS enabled quad. This process can take several days to a week, depending on the size of your property.

3. Processing

Once the GPS points are logged, we will draw your maps using Trimble GPS software. This will include all paddock and boundary measurements. We can also overlay the results on satellite imagery (if desired). Turnaround time is less than one month.

4. Delivery

You will receive a digital package of farm maps, labeled with paddock names, landmarks and calculations of arable land percentages. The maps are print ready for your convenience.

My map from Precision Pastures has allowed me to better calculate where I should put my fences, water point access and as a reference for any contractors who come to the farm and need a map. It was a smart investment.


– Gary Olrich, Woolbrook NSW

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