Electromagnetic Soil Surveys

Make data-backed decisions around salinity and irrigation management.

An Electromagnetic Soil Survey can reveal important data about your farm’s soil, helping you address soil physical and toxicity issues and improve irrigation.

To perform the survey, Precision Pastures uses an EM38 machine to measure your soil’s electrical conductivity (EC) at depths of 0.5 and 1m. The variation in these readings helps us build a detailed picture of your soil’s composition, water drainage and subsoil characteristics.

This electromagnetic survey data can be used to expose specific problems like salinity. It can also help you manage the application of ameliorants to maximise their effect on your pasture’s growth.

Map the extent of salinity issues

Identify potential issues before they happen

Take targeted action to minimise pasture damage

Improve irrigation timing and management

Our Process

1. Consultation

Precision Pastures will meet with you to determine the size of the area you’d like sampled.

2. Survey

We will conduct the electromagnetic soil survey on your property, using EM38 technology.

3. Results

The turnaround period from survey to results is around one week. Your results will be delivered in person or by phone, presented as GPS-positioned maps.

“We noticed that soil type variability in our vegetable fields was causing some parts to become waterlogged.

The EM survey helped us identify these exact areas and change our sprinkler heads and put on less or more water accordingly”


– Val Micallef, Richmond Valley, NSW

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