VRA Prescription Maps

Automate the spreading process for more efficient pasture improvements.

Precision Pastures can provide your spreader with a Variable Rate (VR) prescription file after we have completed Soil Nutrient Zone mapping at your farm.   

Most spreaders are now equipped with VR technology, which allows them to automatically adjust their application rate using GPS.  This maximizes the efficiency of the spreading process, allowing you to focus expenditure on problem areas while making savings elsewhere. 

We make our VR prescriptions in careful consideration of your budget and long-term goals. For example, we can structure a series of capital applications to spread your costs over several years.

Invest in your product where it is needed most

Reduce over-application and wastage

Streamline the spreading process

Our long-term approach can reduce short-term costs

Our Process

1. Soil Analysis

Precision Pastures will complete the Soil Nutrient Zone Mapping process on farm. Find out more about this service.

2. VRA consultation

We will present our soil nutrient zone maps to you and set goals that are realistic within your budget. Together, we will devise a long-term pasture improvement plan and finalise the VR prescription.

3. Data Delivery

We will liaise with a spreader of your choice to pass on the VRA files they require.

4. Monitoring

Because we GPS log each sample site, we can periodically re-sample to track your progress at an even more cost effective rate.

Precision Pastures manages all our annual fertilizer applications, from collaborating on which rate to put on which paddock, to calculating the amount of fertilizer we have to order for the spread.


– Sam White, Bald Blair Angus, Guyra NSW

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