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Measure to manage for targeted solutions – increasing profitability, efficiency and your pasture dollars

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Using the latest spatial technology, we can deliver a detailed audit of your property’s soil nutrient profile, giving you the data to drive your production potential. Our suite of services is customisable to your needs, delivering a detailed picture of your farm’s soil characteristics, at a cost-effective price.

Our Services

Soil nutrient zone mapping

Obtain targeted GPS located soil sampling, individual nutrient testing and soil chemistry analysis – with reports provided as zoned map


We partner with PAsource to provide you with high definition Sentinel & LandSat NDVI satellite imagery

Digital farm mapping

An essential component of farm planning, our skilled operators use the latest GPS technology to deliver maps, accurate to the last centimetre

VRA prescription maps

Realise the cost & targeted application efficiencies of providing VRA (variable rate application) prescription maps to your contractors

Electromagnetic surveys

Obtain deeper insights with soil type surveys and elevation & topography data with electromagnetic sensor data collection


Don’t just take our word for it – compare and assess your progress with commercial scale yield trials

Why choose precision?

Deeper insights

We provide you with the key insights you need to facilitate continuous improvement in production efficiencies

Attention to detail

Everything we do – from technology to process – is geared towards delivering pinpoint accuracy for our clients

A wealth of experience

With over 40 years of agribusiness experience, we’ve built a long standing reputation for excellence across the industry

Research partnerships

We’ve developed partnerships with research institutions to access the latest spatial and agronomic technology

Real Cost Benefits

We provide you with real-world data to form the base of better pasture development decisions, leading to more efficient farming

Farmers working for farmers

We’ve been farming for generations – so we understand the importance of sourcing the right information, right on time

About us

At Precision Pastures, we understand that your goals are to maximise production for improved profitability. Through targeted fertiliser and amendment applications, we can increase your input efficiency while producing high quality pasture for optimum livestock production.

Understanding your soil allows you to tailor your decision making not only in the short term for maximum yield, but also to influence capital inputs to increase the value and viability of your farm business.

Our team offers many years of experience in agribusiness, livestock production, spatial technology and science, soil science and agronomy. Working with research institutions, our ethos is to remain at the cutting edge of spatial, soil and agronomic science, to provide the most up to date solutions for our clients.

Established in 2015 in the New England, Precision Pastures now studies and surveys land Australia-wide, through a network of expert providers.

Passionate about helping farmers continuously improve their land, we use cutting edge technology including GPS positioning, high resolution satellite imagery, EM38, infra red and near-infra red NDVI survey and sophisticated mapping software.

Milton Curkpatrick – Company Director  

A life-long farmer, Milton has worked properties from South Australia to the New England. Milton’s passion for getting the most from the land lead him to establish Precision Pastures. He also lectures in agrifoods systems, sharing his expertise with the next generation.

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